About Mike Zammuto

Mike Zammuto is arguably the best known and most widely recognized name in the online brand management business. This is no small feat, as the brand enhancement industry is currently experiencing explosive growth. Nevertheless, Zammuto fits the bill: He is the president of Brand.com, the industry’s preeminent company.

Mike Zammuto hard at workAs the leader of Brand.com, Mike Zammuto is able to fulfill his greatest professional passions. One of those passions is to innovate new technologies that make peoples’ lives better, and tech solutions that allow companies to function more effectively. He has pushed Brand.com in this direction, spearheading the company’s heavy investment in R&D. His tenure at Brand.com has allowed him to work toward helping individuals and companies influence and improve the way that they are portrayed online.

Zammuto in the Past

Zammuto studied at Cambridge University, ultimately graduating from Tulane University’s Freeman School of Business. From there, Zammuto entered into a series of technology startups, gravitating toward Internet startups. One of his earliest achievements of note was becoming an executive at Visual Fire; he helped the company develop into a truly influential force in the early era of e-commerce, online video, and DVD technology. In fact, Visual Fire is recognized today for its pioneering work in Internet TV—an early indicator of Zammuto’s zeal for innovation.

Zammuto has plenty of other early executive experience under his belt, as well, including such positions as:

–          Executive at Lawcommerce, which was sold to Lexis Nexis.

–          Executive at AllBsiness.com, which was acquired by Dunn and Bradstreet.

–          Top executive for enterprise software firm Ecometry Corporation (later known as Red Prairie, and acquired by JDE)

–          Top executive at Ontario Systems.

Further Achievements

In addition to these prestigious positions, Mike Zammuto was the founder of Sapago, an innovative technology firm. Sapago led the QR code and smart code revolution, doing groundbreaking work in in-store multimedia and interactive mobile systems.

Among Zammuto’s recognizable achievements: He served as the COO of ChaCha, which made him a leading figure in the field of crowd-sourced, user-generated content. He ultimately led ChaCha to be a top 40 website. It was at ChaCha that Zammuto became passionate about the concept of accountability in user-generated content forms—which paved the way for his interest in online brand enhancement.

Mike Zammuto at Brand.com

All of these earlier achievements laid the groundwork for Zammuto’s most ambitious role to date—president of Brand.com. In this role, Zammuto has global responsibility to the company’s internal and external shareholders for growing the value of the company. With that said, his true mission—and the primary goal of Brand.com itself—is to redefine the concept of what public relations means in the Google Era.

It has never been more important for individuals and companies alike to seize control of the way they are presented online. Online search queries, social media mentions, Wikipedia entries, Image Search output, and online review sites all have a major impact on public perception. Online attacks and instances of defamation run rampant. Brand.com is designed to provide the innovative tools and solutions needed for individuals and companies to protect themselves from these attacks and to enhance the way they are presented to users and consumers online.

A Media Advocate

Brand.com is the foremost company of its kind—and since Zammuto is its president, that makes him the public face for an entire industry. He is a popular media figure, often called upon to speak out on the topics of brand enhancement, reputation management, crisis management, and beyond. Noted for his passion and his industry expertise, he often comments on PR issues related to celebrities, sports figures, political leaders, and public companies.

An Award-Winning Technology Company

Brand.com is more than just a brand enhancement business. Under Zammuto’s leadership, it has transformed into a truly paradigm-shifting, groundbreaking technology firm. The company was honored as the best of its kind by TopSEOs.com, and it was also listed on the Red Herring Top 100—solidifying its place as one of the most promising young tech companies in North America.

All of this comes as a result of Brand.com’s heavy investment in technology R&D. This investment has resulted in the development of a technology portfolio that is without peer and without precedent—including the acclaimed Brand.com Command Center. This portfolio will only continue to develop in the months and years to come, as Zammuto leads Brand.com to new heights, including the launch of a new Silicon Valley R&D Center.

The Future of Brand-Building

Zammuto in embedded in the business of online brand management, but he is also in the business of pure innovation. Mike will continue to innovate, by working with the new Vice President and continue offer brand enhancement solutions, for as long as he is with Brand.com.  Currently, he is looking to the Brand.com TV presence in order to gain more visibility about their products, read more about Zammuto’s grand TV campaign here.


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